Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tahoe Rental Picture Part II

.....Lets start the vacation rental year with the Christmas holiday instead of January 1. After a quiet fall with some weekend rentals in Sept. and Oct. the renters stay away from Tahoe until Christmas week except for Thanksgiving and maybe some Dec. weekends if the ski areas get open. But its quiet until Bang!....Christmas time and a full week rental at top dollar followed by New Years Eve and another full week at top dollar. Then a normal weekend and then MLK and a three night weekend, more weekends through January into Feb. until spring break hits and you may get a full week or two at the end of Feb. Weekend rentals will mostly be the norm until about mid April and then dry up. The Tahoe vacation renters disappear again for the most part until June and maybe they will come up for a weekend here and there until the 4th of July and then its mayhem again. If you own a lean-to in Tahoe you should be able to rent it. North Tahoe must triple its population on the week of the 4th. My guess would be that 30,000 people come to north Tahoe this week. After the 4th, you can count on some good business for all of the summer until Labor day weekend and then will start the cycle over with some weekend rentals in the Fall until Christmas.

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