Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Wow! What a time since around Feb 22. It started to snow, and then the storms got bigger and bigger, look at the storm totals at It was famine to Feast. Time to put away the rock boards and get out the Spatulas-although old they are still a lot of fun in the deep stuff. Scetchy though on the ice where the fluff was scoured off. It was a good time but traffice was a disaster around the weekend of the 25th of Feb. 4 hours to get from Tahoe City to Truckee!

Now we have been on to 60 degree days and sunshine for the last week until monday. Its been so hot the snow is melting fast and now the fear is the areas will not be able to stay open into May as the norm. Spring skiing though has been fun and the snow has been corning up nicely.

I think that with the snow came some North Tahoe real estate activity as well. I know that my own business saw a nice bump in the last month. I had a client ask me about the big Tuesday sell of in the stock market as he was about to write an offer. He wanted to know how it affected our market. I told him that part of the sell off was due to a computer glitch but the genuine part of the sell off only bolstered my faith in Tahoe City real estate as a sound investment. I think we've found our bottom and we'll see a healthy return to buying this summer. If the Fed cuts it will help.

Last weekend I was able to watch the skier cross event of the Honda Snow tour. I happend to be standing at the bottom to watch the two finalists crash. I heard in that last heat of four another pair crashed at the top. Watching those guys take air of the bumps was pretty amazing.
But I still haven't been able to find out who won if anybody knows. I have yet been able to get their website open. Some problem with mozilla/adobe flash.

Rain/sleet/drizzle is supposed to roll in Monday, it will be interesting to see how the spring goes and if there's any winter left. I could stand a few more powder days at Squaw and have yet to hit Alpine this year.

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