Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get Ready-no more drought!

Its official, Governor Jerry Brown is going to declare an end to the three year drought Wednesday. I heard he's going to land on the deck of one of the mothball ships in Suisun Bay in a flight suit and declare "drought operations to be officially over. " Thanks Jerry.

There will be (in small type) a disclaimer at the bottom of the banner that reads: "Despite the good hydrological news, the governor's office said in a statement Monday it is critical Californians continue to conserve water. " Ya right, make us feel guilty.

Its about the level. For the boat owner its going to mean more ramps open, easier access to the east shore but for the beach goer its going to get ugly. Moms are going to be getting up at 5am to put towels down on what little spec of sand is going to be left at Bucks Beach-and then coming back at 9 with Starbucks in hand. Its not the Westin Maui ok? And Commons is going to be grass. Its just not the same-going to the beach on...the grass. The wait to get into Sand Harbor is going to be backed up to Incline. You'll see. I think we're going to have to have a massive amphibious invasion of the holy grail......the Incline Beaches (IVGID)-sounds more military. Or cut a hole in the wrought iron bars. For sure, fake HOA passes are going to go around. Its going to bring the issue of beach access to a whole new level.

So enough water and snow already. I want to get to the beach before its too late. Its going to be 63 on Friday....read: colossal melting? I hope everybody has their Ark built......too little, too much. You can't win.

But if you've been thinking of buying a lakefront.....now is a good time.

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