Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bring Your Gas to Tahoe

Gas prices suck.....hard earned money out of your pocket, there's no denying it. You don't drive a Prius to Tahoe in the winter because you can't. Even if you put chains on. It just doesn't hold enough stuff. Boots, skis, snowboards, food, clothes, the dog. It just won't work. My in-laws refuse to try even when its just those two. So you bought an SUV (when gas was A LOT cheaper) to handle the job and now you can carry it all-you might still be crammed but you don't have to get out to deal with chains. That's the blessing, the curse is that your Suv could have up to a 28 gallon tank. I did the math according to Tahoe prices: $4.49 x 28=$125 to the man and you don't own Chevron stock.

Are you going to let that stop you from coming up this weekend? I hope not.

Tahoe hasn't been the economical choice for fun in a long time-maybe that's a sad lament but just like buying in Tahoe its an emotional decision. Its about the recreation and change of pace and all that entails. Relatively gas is cheap.

If you want some advice: don't buy gas up here. There I said it but we all know its true. Top off in Auburn (stop at Ikeda and pick up a pie)and you'll have enough gas to make it to the mountain and the store and back to Auburn. Don't hammer the gas on the way up-stay in the slow lane, talk to the kids and cruise up stress-free.

Whats going on in the middle east has pushed the price of crud to its highest level in almost three years. Soon we'll break the $5 mark. Whats the cost of freedom? -its buried in the ground.

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