Friday, April 01, 2011

Why do properties come on and off the market?

A client asked me today why properties seem to bounce on and off the market so much?

She was watching some listings and noticed two of them had fallen off the active list.

Here's my answer:

Properties come off the market for various reasons-here are some.

1. They've been on too long and want to be re-listed as new in the MLS after 30 days.
2. They are going into foreclosure and the seller has pulled the plug.
3. They are going to be listed with another broker.
4. They don't want to sell anymore.
5. They are going to re-fi the note and its a bank requirement to be off the market

At the beginning of the winter-in Tahoe, some also come off to go into a ski lease. We typically see them come back on in May/June.

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